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Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island, also known as Ngoc Island, is the largest island of Vietnam, also the largest island of 22 islands here, located in the Gulf of Thailand. Phu Quoc island and other islands form the Phu Quoc island district of Kien Giang province. The whole island district has a total area of 589.23 km². In 2006, the Kien Giang Coastal and Oceanic Biosphere Reserve, including the district, was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Those who do not know Phu Quoc have a dream come to Pearl Islands to enjoy the tourism products here such as swimming, bathing, mountain climbing, resort, natural landscapes in the between sea - sky - clouds - water - mountains - forests. Tourist products here are also associated with many types of study of the historical-cultural, historical-revolutionary, customs and habits of island residents, fishing villages, traditional villages. Study the natural ecology and especially visit the historical relic Cay Dua Prison - a beautiful symbol of heroic revolution of the South. Sites such as Duong Dong, Duong To, An Thoi, Ham Ninh, Vong beach, Khem beach, Sao beach, Ganh Dau, Cua Can, Tranh stream, Da Ban stream ... always remain in the hearts of travelers when Phu Quoc split and appointment date back. In the south of the island there are 12 different small islands of the An Thoi archipelago and the north island, with the Hon Tay island, the Doi Moi island ... which are ideal places for yachting, fishing, diving, picnic, explore the island. Weather in Phu Quoc Island is tropical monsoon. The climate divides the two distinct seasons. Dry season Phu Quoc island is affected by the North East monsoon. The highest temperature is 35 ° C in April and May. Rainy season Phu Quoc island is the gateway to the southwest monsoon with high humidity of 85-90% . The most beautiful time to go to Ngoc Island is dry season. That is from the end of October until March next year, but also can last until May if the weather is favorable. At this time, the weather in Phu Quoc less rainy, calm sea waves, cool is very convenient for travel, convalescence.