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Nam Du

If you love traveling in the wild, peaceful Nam Du is a great choice. Located on the southeast of Phu Quoc Island, 65 nautical miles off the coast of Rach Gia, the Nam Du Archipelago consists of 21 large and small islands arranged in two parallel lines in the north-south direction and it is also in the territory of Kien Giang Province. Located in the equatorial monsoonal equatorial belt, the rainy season in Nam Du lasts from April to November. You need to avoid the period from June to August to avoid storms. Nam Du archipelago has many beautiful beaches with white sand, slope gentle. The most beautiful is Men beach (Big Island of Nam Du), like a small bay surrounded by mountains. Especially the beach is very little waves, so you can feel very peaceful. You go to Men beach can enjoy fresh seafood such as scallops, squid, sea ... can just drop themselves on the hammocks, huts in the cool sea breeze. The beaches in Nam Du are quite rocky, only the Men beach is where you can bathe, walk on the white sand. Many people come to Nam Du choose to camp here. Besides the big Island, Mau islet, sea water is very clean and clear. Hon Ngang is located in the center of Nam Du archipelago, visitors often visit here to visit and buy seafood. Another popular tourist attraction is Hai Bo Dap islet, this islet is a very beautiful, jade blue sea water, quite suitable for swimming, snorkeling, coral reefs, fishing.