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Trang chủ / Tour

Quang Ngai

Quang Ngai is located in the Central Coast, its back rests on the Truong Son Range, facing the East Sea. Quang Nam to the north, Binh Dinh Province to the south, Kon Tum to the southwest. Quang Ngai coast 135km long, offshore is Ly Son island. Quang Ngai is blessed with many beautiful scenery to create a perfect mix of blue sea, mountains, white waterfall and many famous landmarks bearing historical culture. Tourist spots highlights in Quang Ngai as Ly Son Island, My Khe beach, Khe Hai beach, Thien An Pagoda In addition to these places, Quang Ngai also has a long tradition of developing handicrafts such as brocade weaving, pottery making, bronze casting, weaving mats ... festivals such as boat racing, domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy and explore. Visit Quang Ngai you can not ignore the specialties such as candy mirror, goby fish Tra river, candy malt, sugar alum ... The best time for trips to Quang Ngai is from April to August. The weather is dry, sunny, the landscape is green, especially avoid the wet weather is very inconvenient for moving. Sunny weather is suitable for many fun activities, landscapes, bathing. By this time, there will be hot summers, so you need to prepare all your belongings, clothing and accessories safely to make the trip safe.